Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Man and his Dog...

One nice thing among the many nice things about my husband is that he doesn't read my blog unless I ask him to. I get out if the shower this morning and this is what I find, Norm and Abby sleeping in, butt to butt! Alexa insisted Abby wear her sweater for a Christmas picture - pink argyle, what else!

Not to waste Alexa's efforts

Our girls!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Throwback Memories...

I opened Facebook the other day and found this...

Yikes! Yes that's me with my friend Steven Anderson at our senior prom. Most of the comments from Steven's friends were about how my dress matched the curtains in the background and how they think their parents had the same curtains!  Steven lives in Florida today and is a very successful salon owner,  fashion stylist and makeup consultant for HSN. 

As you can see I'm as tall as Steven, maybe a little taller. I love being tall, don't get me wrong. but those were the days of big hair, curls and fancy updos for proms. I was very self-conscious about my height and I spent the day at the beauty parlor in town getting my straight hair to curl under the watchful eyes of Steven's little sisters without adding any poofiness up top. I also wore flat shoes, no heels for this girl! The dress? There were very few dress stores at that time where you could find "formal" dresses. We ended up at a bridal salon in Roosevelt Field and this was the only dress that was long enough. Believe me, orange is not my favorite color. 

It was an interesting night fraught with teen drama and angst. Our friend Arthur wanted to go to the prom with another friend of ours, Vivian. Vivian was, shall we say, reluctant. It took several months of cajoling, note writing, impassioned phone calls and whatever to get all parties on board. Steve's uncle had a town car and was going to be our "chauffeured" limousine ride to the prom. He was late, very late. Steven was pulling his hair out (he did and still does, have very nice hair), Arthur was having a nervous breakdown and Vivian and I, convinced we were never going to make it to the prom sat down in Mrs. Anderson's living room and watched the Met's game.  It was the closest to Flushing Meadows we were going to get, we thought.

Steve's uncle finally showed up, girlfriend in tow and we were off. Now I have to say I have very few memories of the prom itself, but I do remember Steven's uncle and girlfriend coming in a few hours later and crashing the prom…We did breakfast after the prom at a friends house, slept at the beach the next morning and by evening both Steven and I were looking for new "dates". Steven, I still love ya! Thanks for the memories.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Got Snow?

We do. I enjoy living in Buffalo albeit the suburbs of Amherst. It snows, big deal! To me it's one of the best things about living here. I don't like driving in it though. The past two years we've bitten the snow bullet. I even got a rebate back from our plowing service so we've been a little spoiled. This week we had our first major snow. Not a blizzard but enough to make it interesting. 

Tonight we attended an open house at Norman's boss's house. I don't do well at these types of parties. I'm not a party person. I have a hard time making small talk and I can't remember names and faces to save my life.  I think name tags should be mandatory at all social functions ( and if they could come with a warning note to tell me if I've met the person before and where or if they are well known and important to my husband or Medaille that would be very good too). 

The drive into the city wasn't too bad and the snow made everything so pretty and sparkly. The drive home was not as nice but doable. I'm a bad, bad backseat driver. I want to break earlier, slow down, you name it, so I've decided to just close my eyes. And chant to myself, "Norm is a good driver, Norm is a good driver, Norm is a good driver, over and over". It works quite well...