Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just Call Me Norm..,

Abrams, that is. The construction zone continues. Paris, er, Alexa has decided her closet must be as nice as her room. I spent most of last week wielding hammer, screw driver and drill. I put together the cube unit along the back wall and Alexa assembled he shoe rack. Here is the first version:  

Alexa actually did do alot of work in the room. She picked out this chandelier decal.  It's hard to see but there are little rhinestones on the dangly things.

After my furniture construction and moving duties I retired for the day and left Akexa to her own perfections. I was called back to add shelves, mount a cork board that was later changed to a magnetic wipe board (painted coordinating green with rhinestones in the corners for that touch of glitter and of course, a mirror.

Here is the final version sans doors. Next the whole room gets cleaned up, final decorations get put in place (I get to hang her French bulletin board and cover her vanity stool with matching fabric. By next weekend the room could be finished! Only four months after we started!

Don't look at that lady taking pictures in the mirror!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer's Here and so am I...

Yes, summer is here, whooppee - I'm not a summer devotee. Heat, sun and Donna don't mix. I do love my air conditioning though and my house has central.

We've had a few busy months, here are some highlights and lowlights from the past three months:

  • Alexa finished the 10th grade with a 98+ average. Very proud! Her summer plans include but are not exclusive to - an internship, volunteering, tennis lessons, driving lessons and a trip to Denver.
  • Norm finished the 2013 academic year with a promotion to Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  • Joyce is...Joyce, what can I say (nothing more if I want to keep my stress levels down)
  • Abby is Joyce new favorite 'person' in the house
  • Alexa's room is STILL not finished, argh!!! Did I mention she's a perfectionist...and my stress levels?
  • My aunt Caroline passed away late last month. My mom's sister and one of the sweetest, strongest woman I've known. She will be missed.
  • Got re-interested in family ancestry while visiting with my family at my aunt's funeral. Discovered I have a relative that goes back to the civil war. Unfortunately, he deserted - twice.
  • Alexa still isn't driving, yeah!!
  • I'm still driving her everywhere, boo!
That's the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg called my summer. Stay cool, have fun and enjoy your summer.

P.S. - I've been stuck on level 65 of Candy Crush for two weeks! Argh!