Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas Decorating to All!

Christmas is just a few days away and I'm shamelessly stealing an idea for this post from a friend of mine who blogs all the time. We can't really travel for the holidays and our families live a good distance away so borrowing this idea I thought I'd share some of my favorite Christmas decorations and share my house with whoever!

I have two trees because our family tree is personal. It's filled with ornaments we've collected over the last 40 plus years. Back then I didn't want a glass bulb and tinsel laden tree with no sentimental value, plus we lived in apartments for so many years that we didn't have the storage room for a lot of stuff. I made many of the ornaments, especially the Santa's and others were made by my mother and grandmother. Many more I picked up at craft shows and specialty shops. Here are a few of my favorites. 

In my previous crafty life I did counted cross stitch. Over the years I made over 20 of these Santa's on perforated paper. I have a good 18 more to do! I also have my mother's. Behind the first Santa is a beaded Santa. I also have a variety of over 20+ mini beaded ornaments I made.

Before my cross stitch period I did crewel embroidery. This is one of the very first ornaments I made. 

I love this guy! Soft sculpture and embroidery. 

Our first "kids"' Megan and Shane, our cabbage patch kids each got their own stocking. Behind the sticking is a bunny with a little blue velvet sailor suit and holding a toy sailboat. I got him at a craft show back in the 80's. 

Somewhere along the line, in the 80's, I saw this wooden ornament in a store but I couldn't afford it and reluctantly passed it up. A few days later I went back, I REALLY wanted that ornament, but it was gone. After I kicked myself a few times, every time I went to a Christmas store I looked for this ornament again. I'd given up finding it when I found it at a little store in New Jersey. 

My Grandmother made this one and three others I have of a similar style. So grateful to have these. 

First, in the upper left corner is a hand stitch felt ornament from Hungary. The bird in nest ornament I got at a wonderful Christmas shop in Binghamton. In the center is our ornament for our Julia. 

Another craft show find. A crafter made these little mice and each one had a little theme. I have a cross stitch one, one that's holding a tray a Christmas cookies and one who's carrying a chopped down Christmas tree. 

In the late 70's we lived on Long Island and there was a cute gift/Christmas shop that had these German wooden ornaments. I have three. Each one has Mr. & Mrs. Claus in a different vehicle - a car, a plane and a truck with presents in it.

I've got lots more, but I have a few other things to share. Stockings! Growing up my brother and I had personalized felt and appliquéd stockings. They stayed with my parents so I made a cross stitch stocking for me and a felt appliquéd stocking for Norm. For Alexa's first Christmas one of my mother's best friends made a personalized stocking for her.

I love this decoration for our dining room table. It's a Santa in a large, oversized coffee cup. It's sitting on a table runner either I made or my mother made. It's been so long I've forgot who!

I always liked nutcrackers so I have a 'little' collection going.

This year I have a cookie decorating elf loose! Alexa did all these!

Lastly, my parents crèche. I hope you enjoyed some of my Christmas treasures and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New a Year.