Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mama Buddha...

We all have those longings to go back to weight we were when we were younger. Each year as I visit my doctor for my yearly physical I get the usual warnings about losing weight. Over the years I've gained AND lost significant amounts of weight, but currently I'm on a gain swing. 

I'm a contradiction when it comes to food, because I don't 'Love' food. It's a necessity of life. I love watching cooking shows and cooking competition shows. I strongly dislike cooking. I don't drool over pictures of food. My downfall is dessert. I love cookies, cakes and most importantly CHOCOLATE! Chocolate is my 'drug' of choice. I'm picky though, a purist really. Don't make me fancy decorated cakes and cookies, a basic Toll House cookie is nothing short of nirvana to me. 

I love a variety of fast food also. An Arby's Mid-Classic with cheese is a current favorite. Firehouse's Engineer (sans mustard and pickle) is my current all-around favorite. Bagels, have I mentioned bagels? A sesame bagel with butter, I could eat one every day. Robin at Bagel Jays (the best bagels in the Buffalo area) knows it's me as soon as I give my order at the drive-up window. Did I mention sandwiches? I love sandwiches. Turkey with Swiss, a little lettuce, tomato and mayo is my favorite.  

I also love a variety of foods that my family will have nothing to do with, like mushrooms. I love mushrooms, sautéed, stuffed, fried, in cream soup, yum! I also like olives, plain old cocktail olives and recently black olives, split pea soup, escargot, gazpacho, and more.

I don't get these favorites often so I'm not overdoing on them. My doctor did, however, put the fear of Weight Watchers in me this time around. I'm getting a little out of control. The cakes , cookies, sweets, and carbs are starting to catch up to me. I'm also not the best at exercising. Rather,  I'm in running (ha, ha) for the biggest couch potato award. So, in response, I and we, as a family, have decided to join the local Y. Yes, I'm going to start exercising (you can stop laughing now). They even have exercise bikes I can sit down at and watch TV (my kinda exercise!) I'll check in in a few months and let you know how I'm doing, provided I survive!