Monday, May 2, 2016

Time Flies When You are Having Fun...or Not...

Yeah, I know, only 5 months since my last post! If it's any consolation I do post every week on my store's blog - it's my job...

ANYWAY...How you all doing? Me, meh...That's it for my SOMU - State of Mind Update. On to what's been happening.

1. Daughter back to school - Oops! coming home for summer in two weeks! That time flying again. Lex had a busy, stressful and hopefully successful spring semester. She joined a sorority, came home at Easter and had all four wisdom teeth pulled and has secured an internship for the summer! Busy girl, busy life! I'm happy and hopeful her internship provides her some insight into what she would like to focus on, or not, in her academic career.  It will also provide her with her first full time work experience. Welcome to the real world honey! Lastly, she's getting paid! Whoopee!!
Lex and her 'Big' along with the paddle Lex made for her.

2. Easter wasn't a fun time. I was sick but pulled it together to take a photo or two and go to brunch.

The next day Alexa had all four wisdom teeth pulled, poor baby!

3. Norm and I went to Toronto for a Yankee game and had Norm and Donna's wild ride!
The Good: Wahlburgers for dinner! Loved, loved, loved it! Great burger, better onion rings or straws if you will, sorry we don't have one here in Buffalo.
 The Bad: While we had great seats, the Yankees lost...

The Ugly: On the way home we had a flat tire on the QEW - not phone wouldn't call AAA, we had to walk about a mile, in the dark, along deserted service a Ramada Inn and the wonderful, kind, helpful, night manager called AAA Canada for us and they came, picked us up at the hotel, drove us back to the car, checked and changed our tire (we couldn't even get the lug nuts off!) and was just wonderful to us. Thank you Canada! We drove home at 55 MPH and arrived back in Buffalo at 2am. The kicker was we had just had the car inspected the DAY before!

4. I made a class for the one signed up :(

I made birthday cards for family, hoped the recipients liked them...

And I'm done! That's all for now, hopefully I'll post before the next five months go by!