Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Night to Remember...

No, it wasn't an invasion from Mars. It was sleepover night!

Alexa had a sleepover last night. Four girls total, one, for her very first sleep over. We really lucked out when we moved to Williamsville. Alexa started at a great school and made friends very quickly. This core group of girls are still friends and do a lot together. What makes it even better is that they are all such nice girls. For last night's event I read them the riot act when they arrived - where they could and could not go, when quiet hours started (Lex was aghast at that!) and then I slipped away. We left the girls on their own for the rest of the night except for one invitation to judge a game they were playing (photos to follow). Norm heard them a couple of times during the night, but by 9:00 am. they were fast asleep - having finally gone to bed at 6:15 a.m.!
Here are some highlights...
The morning after: Brenda, top right, is still a little shelled shocked. Alexa and Haley - raring to go!

The story on the top picture is that Alexa found a game on-line where you create an outfit out of aluminum foil and see who could come up with the best design. Brenda really got into it and did leggings and shoes to go with her outfit! She walked like the Mummy mind you, but it was really cute! Laura came up with a cute mini dress with fringe on the bottom and a foil flower in the middle. She also made a cute little purse to go with her outfit.

Then came kitchen time. Our house was chosen for this sleepover because we had an integral ingredient to Alexa's Ice Cream recipe, Kosher salt...don't ask, we just do! ANYWAY, the girls made their concoctions then had to shake them for 10 minutes, which in twelve year old time means 10 years! I'm told the icecream came out quite good. I'm hoping the toppings below helped.

In the morning Norm made a Timmy's run and the girls left around 11:00 a.m. I'm sure naps will be on the agenda for all of them today.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Counting the days...

I've been counting the days for two big events. First, the first weekend in April is the semi-annual Sweatshoppe Spring Retreat. I missed the last one because of Norman's traveling schedule but I WILL be there, by hook or by glue stick! Colleen has started a countdown coming up with little known trivia about each day as we count down. We are now at T-18 and counting!

The second big event is our puppy coming home! Alexa is going to wait until we meet the puppy to give her her forever name. I've been waiting for Susan to post an updated picture of the puppy but there isn't one yet. I do have a picture of her mom, Jingles. Here she is...

Isn't she beautiful! I've been reading the site puppy blog where other parents of High Calling Cockers post pictures and updates on their puppies as we anxiously await our new little girl!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We're having a baby...

Not me silly - gotcha! We're getting a puppy! Her current name is Abigail and she is 4 days old! Here is one of her first pictures. * For those who have asked, the new puppy is a buff cocker spaniel.
We've been waiting for a while and finally got the word on Friday that puppies were available. Alexa was a little bummed out that we didn't pick her first pick, but she's over it and concentrating on what she is going to name our new little girl (yes, we gave the puppy naming honor to her - within reason...). We'll be able to get our new baby around the end of April and I'll try and post pictures weekly of her progress. We are soooooooo... excited!!! (at least I am :-)