Thursday, November 1, 2007

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!!

Halloween went of very well at the Muir household tonight, despite the message above. We had some of the cutest little kids come to the door. It was such fun getting down on their level to talk to them about their costumes and stuff while I handed out candy.

Miss Alexa went as her alter ego - Miss Little Devil!

This is Alexa and her friend, Samah. They went to Alexa's gymnastic center for a Halloween sleepover last Saturday night. Samah went as a 60's Hippie Chick! She is so cute and the sweetest child you'd ever want to meet. We keep offering to trade her for Alexa but so far no takers!

This is Alexa and her friend, Melissa. Originally the girls wanted to go as "Hawaiian Punch" Alexa as a Hawaiian hula girl and Melissa as a boxer. That idea didn't fly, but Melissa decided to go as a boxer anyway. Again, we offer to keep Melissa and send Alexa home to the Kelly household but no takers!


Tracy said...

Alexa and her friends looked great!

Anonymous said...

Great outfits and oh so cute! I miss those days...We had NO trick or treaters to my house this year, even though we put the pumpkins out. Our street is getting busier every year with cars. With this, the dark, and lack of sidewalks, it stays quiet. Laura finallly didn't trick or treat at all, but went to a costume party at the high school. With baggy clothes, I'm not even sure what her costume was supposed to be, but she had a good time, got home early for school the next day. Not bad.

By the way,

Nappy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday dear Donna,
Happy Birthday to You!!!
(a few days late, the story of my life...) Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Barb in NH