Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered...

Samantha Stevens had it all wrong. She wanted to be a 'normal' American housewife. She never wanted to use her powers to do all those 'housewifey' things the typical sixties wife was responsible for. Boy, could I use her powers now!

My house is a mess. I'd love to tweak my nose and have it all clean so I could put up my Christmas decorations. Wait, why stop with the cleaning? I could tweak again and all my decoration would be brought up from the basement, put up and containers put back!

I was wondering if I could get away with putting the decorations up and not cleaning. Maybe they would hide all the dust and no one would know!

I bought Christmas cards last night. Norman won't do them (he did help pick them out though). I could tweak again and they'd be done! I'm really on to something now!

Cookie baking! I'll just whip out my mom's recipes and do a little nose twitching and ta-da, I'm done. I can even use it for the dog biscuits I want to make!

Gosh, don't you love 60's television!

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Tracy said...

I have wanted to magically twitch my nose lots of times too!