Thursday, July 3, 2008

Moving On...

I can't bear to open my blog and see that picture of my wedding one more time! Time to move on! It's been a busy week. Alexa finished school (I'm crying and wondering how I'll survive the summer). I can't tell you how many times I've already reminded her that I'm not her personal chauffeur or slave!

We decided that as she is a growing girl, she needs a new bike that fits her. Her current one makes her look like one of those clowns in the circus riding a ridiculously small bike. So we took her over to Bert's Bikes to do a little look-see at what they had.

Now keep in mind this is Alexa we're talking about so you should be able to guess what the primary consideration would be when picking out a bike, check one:

____ road bike or mountain bike

____ auto shifting w/pedal brakes vs. manual shifting and hand brakes

____ color

____ size - youth vs. adult

Now, if you chose the first or second option, what were you thinking??? She's pretty clueless about all of that. The third option, kiddie bikes are definitely out, but the color, it's ALL about the color. Pink bikes YES, silver, black, red, green*, blue*, purple*, beige, white all NO!

Now I have to explain the (*)'s. If it is the right shade of green (limey, but not too), blue (with flowers and not too dark or too light), and purple (again, not too dark or light or with an icky brown seat and handle bars) -- then maybe. Oh, and did I mention the accessories? You know how some people won't buy car if it doesn't have enough cup holders? Well, Alexa wanted the bike that had a hidden compartment under the seat. The rest of the entire bike didn't matter, it was all about the seat!

So, we ended up traveling to two Bert's, one on the Boulevard and then over to Transit as they had the bike she liked the most, in the right size for her to test drive. She picked out.., wait for it, a BLUE bike (but it has little flowers on it that sealed the deal). It was available in her size with room to grow (because trust me, I'm not doing this again!)BUT and a biggie here - the coup de grace was that we would not buy it....until her report card came and her grades DESERVED such a big ticket item. (We have principles, we're not the pushovers she's made us into - we have standards!!)

Well, she's smart, what can I say. So with a year ending 95.9 average we went back and got the bike. I still need to take a picture of her on it, but not tonight. Tonight her father and I went bike riding - 6 miles. Pretty good for an old broad who hasn't ridden regularly in 2 years and gained 30+ pounds. Maybe that would be the better picture. No, not happening! I figured I could at least show you her new bike (from the catalog).

Tomorrow I think she has me going somewhere to paint pottery. Wish me luck!


Lynn said...

I know what you mean about dreading the summer. At least this summer Danny has Driver Ed. every day so that breaks things up. I love the bike story; very cute. And you have quite the smart little chick-a-dee there; 95.9 average? wow! Enjoy your holiday and keep riding! xo

Chiara said...

that is why my child goes to camp because she would drive me nuts otherwise. Love the bike I so need to get one.