Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome Winter... what!?!?

Welcome to the first day of winter in Buffalo! This is the view out our large picture window! We had snow on Friday that kept the schools closed and we woke up to white out conditions this morning. Here are a few other views...

I stuck the camera out the front door and pointed it down the street to the right...Then I pointed the camera to the left. The plow guy was here shortly before I took this photo. The snow is now pushed up almost to the top of the plow marker on either side of the drive...

Finally, this is right in front of the front door. We have a row of short hedges in front of the house. We had about 8 inches on Friday and I think we've gained another 6 today. Alexa is already lobbying for no school tomorrow - and Tuesday!

Mom says, - Let those school busses roll!!!

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Tracy said...

Yep -- we had a view like that out of or front window too.

Merry Christmas!