Sunday, March 8, 2009

We're having a baby...

Not me silly - gotcha! We're getting a puppy! Her current name is Abigail and she is 4 days old! Here is one of her first pictures. * For those who have asked, the new puppy is a buff cocker spaniel.
We've been waiting for a while and finally got the word on Friday that puppies were available. Alexa was a little bummed out that we didn't pick her first pick, but she's over it and concentrating on what she is going to name our new little girl (yes, we gave the puppy naming honor to her - within reason...). We'll be able to get our new baby around the end of April and I'll try and post pictures weekly of her progress. We are soooooooo... excited!!! (at least I am :-)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She's so cute!
She'll make a wonderful addition to the family.

I was slow to come around to the idea of having a dog due to knowing how much work and committment it means,but getting our Pug Gia has been so right for us. She is a terrific companion who has given us all such joy.

Looking forward to hearing about Abigail's progress.

Barb in NH

Tracy said...

congrats! our pup is 8 months now and growing like a weed.

Elisabeth said...

But what is it???