Saturday, April 11, 2009

Puppy Update!

Here is an updated photo of our baby girl:
Isn't she adorable! We hope to bring her home around May 1-3. Still no definite name. Alexa is biding her time until we meet her to make her final decision. It's still looking like either Lily or Chloe. What do you like? Let me know!


pineconegirl said...

Go stand at your back dooor and yell out your name possibilities. The name that is easiest to get through when you're tired, it's late and you don't want to disturb the neighbors is the name you need to choose. Likewise, the name that can have two personalities for lots of love, and disappointment at puppy puddles, or tipped over trashcans is a consideration.

Lynn said...

I love both names Donna so unfortunately I'm no help! Good luck on both your name choices as well as your adjustment period!

Tracy said...

Cute! We had a tough time naming our girl, too. We went with Bindi, but I wanted Ruby. Or Bella. Brian and I liked Mousse (play on Chocolate Lab). I'm not much help! lol

Anonymous said...

What an adorable little pooch! She will be a wonderful joy for your family. Our little pug Gia was already six years old when we adopted her, so it made sense to keep her name. We've given her a variety of nicknames, like the Lovepug, Hugapug, Madame Snort, Puppy Kumquat, and of course the ever popular Gia the Pia!

Barb in NH