Wednesday, May 18, 2011

American Made...

I don't like to buy American made cars. Now I know why. We have too much in common.

You drive an American made car until you hit a mystery mileage point and boom! it starts to break down. Well, I hit 50 and like those cars in the driveways across the country - I started breaking down. I'm starting to feel and look like this classic...

I think we were even made in the same year (or close to it).My hair won't curl and the color is gone, the eyes don't work, my ears are giving me trouble, my skin is giving me grief, my plumbing needs work and my temperature controls are STILL are still out of whack even after the major repair work done last year!

I don't even want to talk about my system's internal control. My RAM - random access memory is definitely that - random. It works when it wants to and when it doesn't I need something to jump start it.

I wonder, am I on my way to being a 'reconditioned' model? I wonder what my CARFAX report would look like!

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