Monday, August 15, 2011

Donna 2.0...

Ah, technology. Remember the days before remote controls, cell phones, cable, dish, HD, 3D television and computers? Unfortunately, I do. All of these came during my life time so you'd think I'd have a pretty good learning curve. After all it's not like I was Rip Van Winkle waking up to all these new fangled changes. That's what you'd think, right...well, not so much...

I swear, as much as I like technology and I do like technology, it's doing it's best to pass me by and thumb it's nose at me on the way. I feel like I've reached my technology plateau. It's like my mind is not capable of handling another upgrade, another newer, better version of what I already know and I'm questioning why do I need a tablet when I already haver a desktop, laptop, mini laptop, and a smartphone.

I feel like my operating system is obsolete and is incapable of accepting upgrades! I'm officially stuck at Donna 2.0. What is even more frustrating is my 14 year old can just look at a piece of technology, fiddle with it for a few minutes and have it mastered! That is so unfair! I used to be the go to for fixing the TV/VCR but no more. Now with the DVD player and the Wii plus the Fios hookup, I'm clueless. I want to watch a video but I have no clue how to change the wiring and connections to change from Wii to DVD. I've got an iPhone and I'm still struggling with using it. I want my old Blackberry back!

What will we do when Lex goes to college? We'll be at the mercy of our appliances that will talk to each other, our electronics that will talk to each other, our computers that talk to each other and none of them will talk to us! The only thing that I can hold over all this technology - I still buy the batteries!

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Anonymous said...

Too many instruction books for too many gadgets. Too much trouble...I haven't graduated to any type of smart phone yet. However,the laugh track app on my daughter's IPhone is fun, so technology is good for something!

Barb in NH