Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer's Here and so am I...

Yes, summer is here, whooppee - I'm not a summer devotee. Heat, sun and Donna don't mix. I do love my air conditioning though and my house has central.

We've had a few busy months, here are some highlights and lowlights from the past three months:

  • Alexa finished the 10th grade with a 98+ average. Very proud! Her summer plans include but are not exclusive to - an internship, volunteering, tennis lessons, driving lessons and a trip to Denver.
  • Norm finished the 2013 academic year with a promotion to Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  • Joyce is...Joyce, what can I say (nothing more if I want to keep my stress levels down)
  • Abby is Joyce new favorite 'person' in the house
  • Alexa's room is STILL not finished, argh!!! Did I mention she's a perfectionist...and my stress levels?
  • My aunt Caroline passed away late last month. My mom's sister and one of the sweetest, strongest woman I've known. She will be missed.
  • Got re-interested in family ancestry while visiting with my family at my aunt's funeral. Discovered I have a relative that goes back to the civil war. Unfortunately, he deserted - twice.
  • Alexa still isn't driving, yeah!!
  • I'm still driving her everywhere, boo!
That's the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg called my summer. Stay cool, have fun and enjoy your summer.

P.S. - I've been stuck on level 65 of Candy Crush for two weeks! Argh!

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