Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Where in the World?!?

Are you coming from and why are you viewing me? Egypt, Thailand, Elbergen, Germany, Brazil, Jaya, Selangor - I don't even know what continent that is!

That's my question for today. I get curious as to who is reading my blog. It's not like I'm a celebrity, even in my own little world, but as I look at the Feedjit Live Traffic Feed and Map widget on my blog I'm seeing places I have no clue about or why people from these distant countries would be reading my blog. When I began my blog I added this widget so I could see who might be looking at what I write (I'm vain that way :-) and because I needed to fill up some space and not look like the amateur I was, am.

When I first started, like a lot of moms, I posted mainly about my daughter and about the dull, but sometimes amusing things that happened to me, casual observances, travel, yada, yada, yada. If I posted once a month that was huge and as the years wore on I posted less. 

I'd mentioned to friends that if you wanted to know what was going on in my life, read my blog. Thus the Feedjit strip that goes down the side of my page that shows who's been visiting my blog and when. At first, I knew most of the locations because friends were the ones reading my posts. Then I'd keep seeing my own location because I was reading my posts to see who else was reading my posts (no one!) 

Lately, there has been an unusual trend in who is stopping by my blog and where they are from. I'm seeing flags and countries I have heard of but know no one there and flags from countries I've never heard of! So my question is, "Who are you out there and what is so interesting about a housewife from upstate NY?" This means YOU Las Palmas, Canarias!!

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