Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cha, cha, cha, Changes!...

Out with the old and in with the new! Happy New Year everyone! I've decided to make some changes, starting with my blog! New Year, new format. Cleaner, simpler - hipper?!? Using hipper just dated me, not so new. 

Anyway, I'm taking the new format for a test spin and see how I like it. I created my blog over 10 years ago and frankly forgot how I did it! So I just jumped in and started changing templates and backgrounds and color. It's looking like simple is better. Hubby and I have decided to simplify around the house too. We're going to start cleaning out drawers, closets and the basement --- OMG! the basement! Can I fit a bulldozer down the basement steps? or better yet, transporter technology or a shrink machine! That's the ticket! I'll try and post on our progress. Nothing significant will probably happen until Lex goes back to school, but we've already started with a few things.

Speaking of changes, here is a big one. We had dinner the other night with a group of parents and girls from FCC - Families with Children from China, our Rochester chapter. We aren't active anymore as Alexa is in college and we live a good distance away for regular get-togethers but one of our moms had the great idea for some of the families with college aged girls to get together. We hadn't seen many of these folks for awhile and even though we keep in touch via Facebook. It was really great so see these old friends and to see how much our 'little' girls had grown. We had the grown-up table where we commiserated together about the commonalities of having college aged kids and we had a 'kids' table where all the girls sat together with phones in hand, sharing - whatever! Lex was a little hesitant at first to go as she hadn't kept in touch with many of the girls but by the end of the evening phone, email and address info had been exchanged with promises of getting together. 

On the parent's side, as a group we marveled at what an amazing group of young women were sitting across the way from us. I think we all had our own personal and unique reasons for adopting and for adopting from China specifically and to see our girls and how they have grown over the years was just the best. We have all been a part of each other's journeys and I know we can't wait to see where and what these amazing, beautiful, intelligent women become.

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