Monday, February 13, 2017

Florida, Part Deux or How I'm getting old!

OK, so the reason I went to Florida was for my high school unofficial reunion. The reason Alexa went is because:
1. She's a great student, daughter and I really wanted her to meet my friends.
2. I'm a mother who can't say no...
3. She whined, "I want to go to Florida too!"
Just guess which one, I dare you...

As soon as I 'caved' and said yes, Alexa's minions started researching. Alexa has a bucket list - I'm 60+ and I don't have a real bucket list. On this list is swimming with dolphins. So Alexa did her due diligence and found out that SeaWorld has a sister park called Discovery Cove. It's right across the street from SeaWorld and it has a 'dolphin experience' package. Long story short, Barb was onboard with the idea, we booked reservations (a must, especially if you are looking to do the dolphin experience), booked our air trip allowing for an extra day incase the weather in NY or NH delayed our arrival and we were off!

This plan gave us an extra day in Orlando before Discovery Cove and before the reunion. Theme parks here we come! After of months of negotiation, consultation and gnashing of teeth, we agreed on Disney's Magic Kingdom. Before we left we didn't think two old broads and a soon to be twenty something could manage more than one park in a day. There's the physical strain (Barbara has a bad ankle from a nasty break a number of years ago), Alexa wanted to see everything, and I did not want to go on the Tower of Terror - no, no No, NO!

So what did we do on our lazy, relaxing day at Disney? MAGIC KINGDOM, HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS AND EPCOT! We closed the park down! Last monorail to the transportation center, last tram to our parking lot - last car in our parking lot! It's all because of Alexa's mad iPhone app skills, a motorized cart and a mom who can't say no. Here are some photos.*

First things first, Mini Ears! We spent the first half hour, easily, searching for Minnie Ears (hint: they were everywhere! But we needed the right pair)

* I don't have a lot of photos - however, we stopped every 30 seconds to take photos - Alexa had to have a selfie of EVERYTHING! Needless to say, the photos are all on her camera! We also had park photographers take pictures of us, her EVERYWHERE! Again, stored on her ticket so I got nothing!

Tower of Terror - the ride I was not, not, NOT going on...I went on it, under duress, under extreme protest, with my eyes closed, tightly!

OK, here's where the 'old' comes in. Neither Lex or I had ever been on the Aerosmith,Rockin Roller Coaster ride. I was really looking forward to it. I discovered on our first ride, Space Mountain (one of my all time faves) that my head and neck were really getting buffeted around. Same with this ride. I was uncomfortable - what's up with that! I admit that there are some rides I just look at and I don't want to get on (more of that a little later), but rides I like aren't fun anymore?!? I'm seriously bummed!

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