Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter 2007

As you can see by the picture on the right, tulips are a favorite of mine, red tulips especially. When we stopped at Wegman's yesterday I couldn't resist a bouquet or two of tulips. This morning we noticed this "two-headed" tulip.

I have to admit that Easter is not one of my favorite holidays, but having a 10 year old in the house makes it a day for egg coloring, egg hunts and a present or two. Alexa announced she wanted to have a scavenger hunt for Easter morning so the Easter Bunny managed to hide a dozen plastic eggs for her to find.

I try to go easy on the candy as Alexa likes it too much and we have "cavity issues" with her. So I made up a make-up tote (one of her passions) and filled it with all kinds of things including Peeps, her favorites (Norman's too!) Then I made the mistake of telling Alexa about Mom's new blog. She wants editorial approval on anything that includes her - pictures, stories, etc. When I told her that it was my blog and while I'm not going to embarrass her (right!) I wasn't going to totally omit her from my entries. She stormed off in her usual pout -- and came back 5 minutes later with pictures she had taken of her Easter loot - for me to post on the blog!

I hope everyone has a blessed and hoppy Easter!


Tracy said...

I love those pretty, metallic eggs with Alexa's loot! Like her, my girls are always interested when I blog about them - they like to be sure they get equal play.
And weird about the tulip - looks interesting.

Mommeeof3 said...

I Love It! I am always wondering what you are up to, now I will be sure to check every other day or so to see what is going on with you. I just love reading your stories. I was so excited - your email was the second email I opened up when getting to work this morning (out of 35).
Can't wait to read more!

kellyedgerton said...

love the blog, love the pictures, and love the JD Robb link!