Thursday, April 12, 2007

I want a new drug...

Many of you know that chocolate is my drug of choice. I don't need those fancy, old fashioned illegal grown-up drugs, no, just give me chocolate. Good chocolate, preferably, dark and I'm a happy camper. Nothing can jump-start me better, soothe me better, calm me better than chocolate. However, it hasn't been working that well lately. My giddy-up has gotten up and gone and is not showing any signs of returning soon. I know I don't work a "real" job as Alexa calls it but I do have responsibilities here at home and I'm telling you, they are just not happening! Things like cleaning, laundry, taking a shower, SCRAPPING, yes, even playing. I'm so unmotivated, so stuck in the mud, so uninspired, so BLAH!

So what am I doing? Playing on the computer, my 21st century addiction. When I was a kid my grandmother gave me a portable television set for my room - bad, very bad. Now, I know today it's common place for kids to have TV's in their rooms but it won't be happening in my house! Alexa has already expressed her displeasure at that decision. I was seriously addicted to TV. Even today, I'd rather have the TV on as background noise than music or a radio. I'm a way more visual person than an audio person. When I was a kid I would secretly panic if I missed an episode of a show. My make believe games were based on TV. My friends and I would play - and I'm dating myself now...Bonanza (we all wanted to be Little Joe and no one wanted to be Hoss), Spin and Marty, Swamp Fox (all from the Mickey Mouse Club), and the Virginian. We'd use the fence posts in my backyard as horses. We'd turn over the picnic table and that became a boat, put it on it's side with the benches on the other side and we had a fort or a house or whatever prop we needed. Bottom line - it fed our fantasy life.

Today I'm pleased to say I'm not as dependent on TV as I once was. I even have an iPod Nano! I can actually listen to music! But, take away my computer - you are dead meat! I have to check my e-mail, check my blog (that's new), read my daily Harlequin fix (I know, very lame and superficial - buy hey, that's me!) read the 'General Scrappin' and 'Pub' boards on 2Peas, check in with about 15 different blogs, do my bills on line, check my bank balance, check my lottery numbers if I have a ticket, update my horses for the Kentucky Derby Challenge Fantasy Site, update my NASCAR drivers in my ESPN-2Peas Fantasy League, see if anything is new on the JDRobb site and enter any on-line contests that you can enter once a day. Then when I run out of things to do, do I turn off the computer? NOOOOO... time to play Snood and play Snood, and play Snood and play Snood again! I am such a sick puppy!

The ends I will go to to avoid doing anything! But I know I'm in trouble when I use the computer to avoid scrapping or even playing with all my stuff. When my drug of choice won't even make me want to play it's not good. I'm in deep do-do. I need something! As Huey Lewis said - I want a new drug!


Jan said...

Hey, you're getting me hooked on this blog thing and I actually have a "real job" that I need to get back to! I was showing my girlfriend pics of Ocean Ave and saw your new Blog! Boy did Bonanza, Swamp Fox, Spin and Marty bring back some more memories! I've forgotten how much we shared! Thanks for reminding me! And yes, I ALWAYS wanted to be Little Joe!

Mommeeof3 said...

Snood :-)
It is funny to hear that you are still enjoying that ever-addicting game.

Tracy said...

I admit, I am terribly addicted to my computer, too. And here I sit...should be folding laundry or even taking a shower! lol