Monday, May 7, 2007

Monday Morning Catch Up!

I am so far behind I thought I'd procrastinate even more and do another blog entry! Couple of things going on. First, had a great weekend at the 'Store'. Robin Beam from Ranger Industries spent the weekend teaching classes and doing demos. She is a pip! Very funny, lots of 'Tim' stories and very patient with me, the non-stamper! She also was very patient with Alexa who wormed her way into spending a good portion of Saturday at the store 'helping'... Here are a few photos. (The cute lady on the right is my boss, Sharon Klima, owner of Buffalo Stamps and Stuff).

It was Derby weekend and since Alexa had me chained to the store I missed Queen Elizabeth at Churchill Downs and the race. The good news is that I had Street Sense as one of my picks along with Curlin so I did OK on my fantasy Derby contest. This may not sound good to you but I finished 4000 something out of 21,000 participants - I'm happy!

I also promised a few photos of the altered stuff I've been doing at the store. Here it goes, hope the photos post BELOW and not above like the last batch!

Lastly, Elisabeth tagged me to list seven quirky things about me. Now, there are a lot of quirky things about me...but what don't you all know...again, not much but here it goes.

1. I'm superstitious about numbers. I won't do important things on odd numbered days if I can at all avoid it, hence my wedding day - 6/26/76.
2. I buy the same calendar every year, '365 days in Italy'. I've been doing this for going on 5 years now. Love a little glimpse of Italy every time I look up at my calendar.
3. Batman is my favorite superhero.
4. I have my own personal astronaut! His name is Scott Parazynski, M.D. He's the cutest guy you'd want to meet, has flown in space several times, once as John Glenn's physician! He is also a mountain climber and an emergency/trauma M.D. When we met at a speaking engagement he made at Keuka College he told me that he "looked forward to flying with me". His next mission, STS-120 is scheduled to lift off on October 20, 2007 - WoooHooo!!!
5. I read Harlequin Intrigues every month - I know, me bad, me bad...
6. I won't buy Exxon/Mobil gas - been boycotting it ever since the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989.
7. I eat escargot (snails).

That's way too much info for now. Not sure who I'm going to tag to continue this. We'll see next message. Gotta get back to my disorganized life!

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Tracy said...

Fun store pics - your projects look cute, too. I'll bet Alexa loves working at the store. My girls alway enjoyed coming in to Scrapbook Creations when they could. Cami, especially, is sad about the closing.