Monday, May 21, 2007


My dear friend Tracy has challenged me or "tagged" me to list "7 Lovely things about Life right now" ... Well, you know me. The glass is half empty not half full in my mind so coming up with 7 things has taken me awhile. To be honest, don't know if I have seven things right now. Let's see what I can come up with.

1. The trees and flowers are starting to bloom. After our winter, this is nothing short of a miracle and considering I think Mother Nature is one of our true miracles, this is such a good thing! (I even snuck across the street to take pictures of the tulips and daffodils in our neighbor's front garden!)

2. As trying and exasperated as I get with her, I have the most lovely daughter in the world! Here is her spring school picture. Her last picture for elementary school as she starts middle school in September!

3. As awful as the world is now, I still have hope for the future. I know there are good people doing good things, selfless things, kind things for people they don't even know about just for the sake of doing for others.

4. NBC cancelled the Apprentice! Hopefully, no more Donald Trump and that hair! (Although "the Donald" said he quit, they can't fire him.

5. It's basball season. Time to go to the "park", where the object is get "home", where getting a "hit" is a good thing. (Thank you, George Carlin) Seventh inning stretches, fireworks after the game, hot dogs and frozen lemonade, sitting in the sunshine on a weekend or watching the stars come out at an evening game. No other sport has players saying "Let's play two!" Thanks, Ernie Banks

6. Opening the windows and having the breeze come in and the heat OFF!

7. Seeing "wildlife" in our backyard. OK, it's just the bunnies, but we have the cutest bunny family that lives in our yard and the adjoining yards. Sometimes one is out front, watching as Alexa gets on the bus.

OK, I did it, seven things. Have a LOVELY week if I don't talk to you sooner.


Tracy said...

Yay! Didn't that feel good? : )

Mommeeof3 said...

Donna - It was SO great to see all of you on Sunday, I wish I could have stayed around longer to chat with you, but I had to get home to the kids :-)
Alexa is absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe what a young lady she has become.
Talk to you soon.

Chiara said...

Donna so glad you have a blog. I bookmarked it.