Sunday, July 15, 2007

Random Notes and Down Time

It's going to be a busy week or so and I may not have a chance to blog until next week so here's what's going on...

1. Happy Doings....we're going to Long Island for Christopher and Sandys' wedding on Friday. We have to leave on Thursday, early, because Norman and I are going to the rehearsal dinner. Big problem is that neither Alexa nor I have a dress to wear! What will we do!

2. The first weekend in August is Chinese Culture Camp. I finally got to speak with Sharon and she wants me to make 40+ scrapbook kits! Yikes!! I know the paper I want to use but I've got to get Chinese Paper Cuts and I have to learn and make my own run-ons for each kit, more fun!
3. We're stopping 'on the way home' from the wedding to see Norman's dad and stepmom. Cramming in the wedding, visiting my brother and his family and the in-laws - two states, five days. We're going to take the Port Jefferson/Bridgeport Ferry to CT. Looking forward to a relaxing hour's ride vs. the bone jarring, downright scary Cross Bronx Expressway.

4. We had a barbecue yesterday - in the house - it poured outside. I'm so lousy throwing parties, couldn't wait for it to be over!

5. Alexa and her friend Sammah have been having a major sleepover blitz. Sammah came to the faux barbecue and stayed overnight. There were manicures and pedicures last night, dance routines at midnight, Tim Horton's doughnuts this morning, facials in their jammies at lunch and they are still squealing with joy in the Florida room this afternoon!

6. Forgotten in the mix are Alexa's latest passion, Webkinz. We hit the jackpot yesterday and found one of her top two's - the Panda. Here is the far...

In parting I couldn't resist this. I found it on Kim Musgrove's blog...

Now, based on this picture I'm married to my very own PYrn Star!
Have a great week everyone!


Tracy said...

Kaylyn and Cami are addicted to Webkins too!

Tracy said...

tap, tap, tap...are you there?! i'm nosey - what have you been up to?