Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi gang! You know the title of my blog just above this posting, especially the sub-title, Life happens when you're making other plans? Well I think I just put my words into action.

I've been cruising many blogs looking for card, stamping, scrapbooking and other paper arts ideas and I came across this 'make my blog beautiful - for FREE' banner on several very artistic blogs so I thought I'd give it whirl.

Sure enough, I've screwed up the whole thing. What you see now is what is left of my original blog template and design. It doesn't help that it's 11:44 at night and I'm working on my laptop instead of on my desktop with my original artwork and the majority of my photos etc.

I hate it when technology and my lousy typing reminds me how incompetent I really am on a computer!

Anyone know how I add a growling smiley face???


Hi, I'm Colleen said...

You're safe, it looks almost the same and I think everything is still on the page! good luck with updating it - I feel completely helpless if I want to do anything but post. I can't even figure out how to caption the photos!! Then I watch one like Tracy's that has snow falling ever so gracefully across the whole site! - Ugh!

Tracy said...

Colleen - lol! I learn by making all those mistakes. I screw something up and then have to figure out how to work my way back.