Saturday, January 23, 2010

Still Working on it...

OK, now that I've found and tried another "pretty my blog" site I still have no clue to what I'm doing. I'm sending out a full blown HELP!!!
1. How do I get my title on the header? I think I have to have it fit on the lined tag - ACK!!
2. Am I supposed to put a picture (mine-ACK!!x2) in the box on the right.
3. How do I get the header to stretch to edge of the border?
4. How do I get the label off the top of my printing?
5. Why am I so lame at this?!?!?!

This does nothing to help my feelings of inadequacy. I think I need computer therapy (and the other kind too)...


Tracy said...

pretty template!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Okay, I'm totally having a fit of giggles here because I've just spent hours trying to revamp my blogsite too and just can't get it right! LOL!....I totally hear you about feeling frustrated with the techie stuff! I think I'm much like you, much happier playing with the 'real' things than with the virtual images!

I would love to know how to put a nicer font for my title, the only options I can find are the really simple plain ones!

But your blog is looking super cute so it looks like you're getting the hang of it!

~Gabrielle xx