Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Perfect Example...

My Blog title - What Was I Thinking...Life Happens while we are making other plans. That is a perfect example of my week. I am currently sitting in the recliner in the family room, uncomforatably as I write this. It was to be a no biggie week.Working at the store, ferrying Alexa around,in short, being at her beck and call and looking forward to Sharon's postings from CHA. I was planning on taking down the tree and other holiday decorations and cleaning up my room which has become loaded with stuff since the holidays. In short, same old same old, until Monday night.

The Other Plans: My mother-in-law hadn't had time to run her errands and hadn't been out of the house a lot so we planned that I would take her to her stores and we'd go out to dinner together. We were leaving Tops and heading home. As I pulled out of the parking lot on to Maple I was hit broadside by another car. I never saw it coming. I looked and never saw it coming. I thought I saw cars only in the distance and had plenty of time and I never saw it coming. Gruesome part short, pinned in car, couldn't move, had to be cut out of car and taken to ECMC. Good news - MIL only had facial contusions (where we think  my elbow connected with her face) and was able to walk away. Me, not so lucky. I spent three days in the hospital while they decided whether I needed any kind of surgery. NONE - YAY!!! and sent me home with a walker and a Physical Therapy appointment. My bottom line, health wise, is that I have some small breaks in the bones at the edges of my spine, nothing that needs treatment for and will heal on it's own, and a small tear/break of tendon and muscle with bone attached in my upper femur. Again, painful but nothing that needs treatment for except to heal on it/s own.

I can walk with a little assistance from the walker - just a little shaky when I first stand up, but sitting is a b*tch! Laying down is a b*tch! I have a black and blue bruise the size of Manhattan island on my left hip and butt. Thankfully and I say that with all sincerity and greatfullness; that is the worst. My only other complaint is that my glasses flew off during the crash and we couldn't find them. We think they landed on the ground when the firemen finally got me out of the car. Oh, and the car, totalled...

So I may be writing a bit more as my movements are a little restricted, although what I'm going to write about eludes me at the moment.  Just remember - Life happens when we're making other plans. This week, I'm thankfully, a living example.

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