Sunday, January 20, 2013

Red Robin...

Having not much to do other than worry the past week, I decided to price and look for a used car to replace the one totalled. I found a cute 2010 red Toyota Corolla at a local dealership and we went over the weekend to take a look see. The scary part besides the fact that we were not planning on buying a car is that it was really easy to do and we have Alexa driving it to look forward to.

Lex turns 16 in about two weeks. She is looking forward to driving. Now this is a child that can't drive a bumper car, has no idea how to get to anywhere, and her idea of prime selling points when looking for a car is what color it is and how many cup holders it has.

Norm did the test drive with me as co-pilot and Lex in the back. When we pulled back into the dealership Alexa got behind the wheel to "see how it felt". She is so tiny the seat had to moved way forward and up! Then she looked down at the pedals and said, "Which one makes it go?" I swear, I'm not getting into a car with her until she's 35!

We ended up buying the car and will pick it up once I can see again, read - get my new glasses, about 10 days. I've never had a car of my own and Norm and I have never been a two car family so this will be a really new experience for all of us.The car will be used by me, Joyce and eventually (at 35 I'm hoping) Alexa, but I'm sure it will be referred to as "Mom's" car. Me, I think it will be my little Red Robin.

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