Monday, March 12, 2018

Back to Basics - Scrapbooking!

I have a great group of scrapbooking friends. We've know each other for close to 20 years, yikes! For the most part we met, one way or another, through a store in the Rochester area called Scrapbook Creations. The store is sadly gone but the friendships live on. Long story short, most of us first met while attending a weekend scrapbooking retreat sponsored by the store. Over the years our little group split from the main group, met independently, and have continued to do so for the last 15+ years. This past weekend was one of our gatherings and, I sadly had to miss it. I work almost every weekend along with Thursdays and I would have had to have taken off two weeks in a row because I had eye surgery the week before. I didn't want to do that to my boss and fellow co-workers who would have had to cover for me.

One of my scrappy-scrapertons (don't ask, we have so many goofy names for ourselves, many not printable on-line!) made a very serious, extremely selfless donation to a little girl miles away who needed a new kidney. Wow! you hear of these stories but this is the first time someone I know has been on either end of this type of kindness to others.  Anyway, Amy, my friend, asked if we would help create a Disney album because little Miss Hazel was going to Disney World! Bummed that I couldn't go on my retreat and knowing I had leftover Disney stash, I put together a few pages. I still think I have a few more in me before I mail these out to Amy but here is my creative work for the week.

These are 8x8 pages so don't freak thinking they have to have huge pictures. I think I may have a few photos left over from my own visit to Disney last year. Maybe there will be some 12x12 pages in my future, after I finish my kits for class, the travel album I need to create, birthday cards for my sister-in-law and nephew, and Easter card for Lex...maybe!

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