Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Bad!

I know, I haven't posted in over a week. This is going to be shorty until I can get my act together at home. I've been a little busy and still have a lot to do and tell you all about. So here's a preview until I can get it together...
1. Empire State Building - re-creation
2. Sweatshoppe Crop - way too much fun!
3. Busy at store - no wonder I have to go to crops!
4. Company coming - Hi! Karen
5. Home improvement - sheds, fencing and roof, OH MY!
6. Graduations, showers, weddings, vacations...
Until I can download some pixs and update. see you soon!


Tracy said...

glad you guys had fun at the weekend crop - hope to join you next time!

Anonymous said...

So what was Karen doing in town? Hope we can get together over the summer. Maggie

Anonymous said...

I didnt see any mention of the June 5th list, about Birtday of favorite and only Brother you have.
Not even under Graduations, Anniversaries and others. Oh well.

Very, very nice Fathers Day note about our Dad, Donald Louis Kenzie and about Norm.

Oh yeah, NASCAR sucks.

Love Brion