Friday, June 22, 2007

School's out for Summer!

Summer vacation has officially begun! The photos above are Alexa practicing her over the shoulder, backwards basketball shots, taken last night. Today was Alexa's last "day" of school. Her last day was a "half day" of school - all one and half hours worth. She was in at 9:00 and home at 10:30! Now the fun begins!

I thought I'd post the results of the challenge that Sharon gave me last week. It was a red, white and blue paper and embellishment challenge using Doddlebug papers. My biggest stumbling block was trying to create a layout without a photo. I managed to cajole, weedle, beg and finally insist Alexa stand next to our neighbor's flag banner with the only red shirt she owns so at least I'd have something to play off of. Here's the result:

The paper is cut on a curve on the left side and there is a generous use of seed beads to give it a little punch. This summer I'll tackle trying to scan 12x12" layouts, something I've yet to do. Well, it's off to get ready for work, have a great weekened everyone!


Chiara said...

oh great layout. How is summer vacation going? Luckily I have summer camp starting next week.

Debby said...

I love your layout! Great job!