Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I get by with a little help from my friends...

My morning ritual always includes a stop on the computer to read blogs. That's how I got into to this mess in the first place. I usually stop at mine to see if anyone has left any comments and to read what I wrote for the zillionth time (I'm not vain, nooooo!!) Then I start clicking down the list, Ali Edwards, Stacy Julian, Tim Holtz, several nationally known names and professional designers. There is always something new to learn on Tim's site. Inspiration in buckets on Ali's site. I check Stacy's because I've met her a few times and I love listening to her talk, so why not read what she writes!

Then I check the people who I know and get a lot of inspiration from like Kelly Edgerton one of my parenting, design, life gurus, Debby Shuh, my original class instructor here in Buffalo and all around design, travel and shopping inspiration, Tracy Whitney, who got me started blogging in the first place and does some of the most beautiful work I've ever seen, Judi VanValkinburgh, one of the most creative and imaginative designers I'm just coming to know, and two of my Sweatshoppe buds, newbies to the blogging world Jessica and Lynn.

Now, that's not everybody, but it gives you an idea how long I spend at the computer! What got me started on this thread is that everyone gives me ideas and points me in new directions. Take Melissa for example, I had seen her name on various layouts in scrapbook magazines and noticed she lived in my area but I had never met her. She does FABULOUS work! Clean, simple, uncluttered, WOMDERFUL photography, Melissa's work is great. I recently got to meet her when she joined the design team at my job and LSS. Today when I read her site she sent me someplace I really needed to be - Starbucks Nutritional Information. Oh, my goodness! What have I been drinking! Luckily for me I think Melissa's done my homework for me and I'm trying this Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Everything I drink, even the skinny versions are way over the top!

I am Debby's 'wanna be' for her shopping and travel skills (not to mention design abilities)! Debby is a fearless traveler, enjoying traveling by herself and she always finds the most interesting stores. I just want her to pack me in her luggage!

I get the most fun links, tips and good advice from everyone I read, which is why I read blogs and blog myself. It's like sitting down for coffee with a dozen different friends every morning and sharing ideas and parts of ourselves.


Tracy said...

I have lots of blogs I check in with, too. It's so much fun to connect with people this way I think.
About your question regarding my blog banners. I'd be glad to help. Do you have photo software for creating images? ie: Photoshop Elements, Microsoft Pitcure It!, Paintshop Pro, etc..

Lynn said...

I feel honored just being mentioned in your blog! Thank you my friend. Just yesterday I was taking a survey on-line about nutrition and found similar info about Starbucks #'s and it hit me about all the junk I've been consuming. But we bought a new treadmill for the family right before the holidays and I've gotten into the routine of using it for at least 30 minutes daily so I'm proud that I'm getting back on track. It's so hard isn't it? And age doesn't help either.
I'm trying to just take little steps toward better health because I'm such a black and white person and have gone hog wild to lose weight in the past that I've lost but then gone back to the "old ways" and gained back everything plus more. So eliminating a Starbucks here and there will help as long as you don't resent the loss and binge later like I used to....ahhhh life's choices and challenges.....what would we do without it? hmmmmm