Friday, January 25, 2008

One of my "Friends" - I wish!

I found three great instructional videos on Tim Holtz's blog. Here's a sample for the Design Ruler

Tim is a great instructor and I hope to one day take a class or two from him. Sharon is trying to get him to come to the store for a class or two. It would be AWESOME! Robin Beam, who is the Educational Director at Ranger Industries came to the store last year and promised to put in a good word for us!


JessW said...

Donna, Thanks for the link. And as for the video tutorial, I now have another wish list item! Does your store carry this little treasure? What does it retail for? Have a great weekend! Jess

Elisabeth said...

ok I've picked this up at the store and put it back about 5 times now...I seriously need it now...

Tracy said...

I'll bet you'll get to meet Tim Holtz at CHA. : ) His projects are really cool

Anonymous said...

Dear Donna,

I'm just catching up tonite with your blog and noted your entry about football. Go Pats! Glad to hear you still like them. I remember those great Saturday afternoons together dancing at the halftime shows and enjoying some classic moments of high school. My daughter never got too excited about her high school football team, but she's recently got hooked on the Pats. Thank God, because it's been tough with her being a Yankee rooter. And yes, I still admire Joe Namath, especially since he finally went through alcohol rehab. Remember the day we went to see the Jets pracice at Hofstra?
Glad to see your terrific network of crafting buddies. Enjoy!

Your BFF,
Barb in NH