Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Camera!

My camera is away on a business trip - to China! Norman left for a 2 week trip to China with another member of the Medaille community. Needless to say we haven't heard from him yet...what else is new! But, he took my camera, not always a good thing. Norm isn't exactly techno driven. In fact he's solidly techno disabled! Challenged doesn't even come into it. Changing lightbulbs is about the extent of his around the house-repair-technological abilities.

The good news is he's traveled in China before and is a very good traveler. Nothing much phases him. I'm very anxious to hear how China has changed since we were both there together in 1998. Norm spent his 50 birthday in China and now he will be spending his 55th!

We are both notorious for not calling home when we go away. Norman is much worse than I am. Here in the US it's not big deal, (although he doesn't have a cell phone) usually... But I'd just like to know he's where he's suppposed to be when he leaves the country!

Norm - CALL HOME! (at least send an-mail!)

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