Monday, March 31, 2008

The Weekend that was...

Another Sweatshoppe weekend retreat is over - BOOHOO!! :(

That's the bad news. The good news is that it was a wonderful weekend and not only did we accomplish a lot of scrapping and pages done (over 100!), we had a dam* good time!

It was also very, very educational. We seem to learn new things every retreat. My challenge is now in describing what we learned in an acceptable manner for all readers. Yes, we tend to get a little risk-A! with our discussions, but what the heck, sometimes you've just gotta say, what you've gotta say! So here is a sample of the topics discussed and learned about this retreat.

Mixology 101 - for some of us this was an entry level class taught by several of our senior mixologists - Suzanne, Colleen and Lynn, with visiting professors, Kelly, Jess and Amy. Topics covered, Titicaca Cocktails, Lemonello Cosmos, and variations on your classic White Russian. Yes, we took notes and some minor taste testing was involved.

Genus Sylvilagus - or variations on the bunny rabbit. Unfortunately, we did not have a real rabbit to play with. Nor did we have the original text that initiated our conversation and extensive discussion. Hopefully, we will be better prepared next time with visual and tactile aids.

Linguistics 401 - this was an advanced course for many of us in terminology and uses of the dictionary, urban. We would like to thank Lynn's daughter for the technical assistance she provided us in the early stages of our discussion. The guest band, Dirty Sanchez, playing Saturday night at Cooper's Plain fine dining establishment, CPII was our inspiration.

Now, lest you think we were all work and no play, au contraire! Although, we did accomplish a first this weekend. No one went out Saturday night! We were all tucked in by 1:00 a.m., most of us earlier! What's up with that!

Several of our members went walking when the weather permitted, and Chris actually brought and used her cross-country skis! You go girl!! Also, the cuisine for the weekend was yummy! Many, many thanks to all the cooks who brought everything from breakfast casseroles to buffalo wing dip (personal fave) to lasagna with these really good garlic cheese rounds. To top it off, we had an ice cream cake made by Laurie. We did not go home hungry in any way, except...for wanting to do this all again very, very soon. But, for now, it looks like Veterans Day will be the next meeting for the Sweatshoppe.

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend, and we'll see you all again in November!


Lynn said...

boo hoo is right! I'm exhausted from laughing aren't you? I loved your post; it was so well written that it almost made us sound politically correct...when we know better! lol. These weekends keep getting better and better the more we know each other don't they? ...except I keep getting less and less pages done?!? Oh well, I'm fortunate enough to have a nice place to scrap at home and time to do it so I don't mind much. My family loved the pages I did so that's an extra bonus. Glad you made it home safe and sound. I'll let you know if I make any road trips to Buffalo! xo

Chiara said...

sounds like an absolutely fabulous time

Tracy said...

Oooooh - sounds like you lovlies had a great time. I attended a Dance Master's convention in Roch. this weekend, but thought of you.
I finally did "the tag," btw.