Monday, June 9, 2008

Heat and Sex, not necessarily in that order!

I had a girl's night out last night. A bunch of us from the store went out to dinner at the Oliver Garden and then went to see 'Sex and the City'. What fun!!
We don't have HBO, but while the show was still on the air, every time we were in a hotel that had HBO I'd be looking through the TV listings to see if it was on during our stay. The only trouble was the trip would have to be sans Alexa as the ladies could get a bit risque. Then they started showing 'abridged' episodes on TBS. I finally got to see most of the series - and I wanted more!
Now, the movie! I could have dragged Norm (under extreme duress) but it was so much more fun to go with Sharon, Dimitra, Linda, Marty and Elisabeth. We went to dinner first. Trying to fill in the ladies who didn't know the show in a public restaurant was a bit of challenge. So was our waiter (another story). It was like in the movie. I needed words to substitute for the more graphic and earthy language, like in the movie. Coloring was good, but I needed polite euphemisms for different types of coloring and other coloring instruments and accessories! Luckily, the beginning of the movie explained each character and their individual backgrounds. Being with the other ladies meant I could laugh out loud, cry (yes, I cried, more than once) and revel in the joy of girlfriends!
It was so good I went out this morning and bought the first three seasons on DVD - now I want to see the unabridged version! Again, maybe I better wait until Alexa is in bed - maybe even Norm too!
P.S. - AC is fixed, living in a comfortable 75 degree house - but, the manufacturer's rep is coming on Thursday to check out the unit because we asked for a new one. To be continued...


JessW said...

Don't you just love Girls' Night Out gatherings?! Sounds like you had a blast!
This one series that i am sorry that i never started watching. Maybe I'll start over the winter when and while I'm scrapping?!

Lynn said...

oops; I posted my SITC note a few posts down; talk about mea culpa...I'm just a blonde what can I say?