Saturday, June 7, 2008

How I knew it was the beginning of summer...

Summer has begun - I'm not a summer person. I know most people look at the calendar counting the days until the "official" start. Me, summer really begins when I have to turn on the air conditioning. If you are a faithful reader you know I already have issues with heat - the internal variety. Now, not only is my internal furnace working past what is required, mother nature is hitting me again with external heat!

But, I digress. We've 'enjoyed' and I use that term very loosely, two days of 80+ degree temps. So yesterday when I turned on our central air (one of the reasons we bought this house), guess what didn't work...again. When we moved here four years ago the house had central air. As a 50+ year old woman, yippeee! I thought, my misery is solved! Well, the AC worked great the first year but the second year, no go. So we called the company that the former owners used. They came, they saw, they advised and we bought a whole new unit. I have another name for the 'new' AC - LEMON!

Every year on the first hot day, we turn the AC on and it doesn't work! This year was not exception. I've slept in the basement the last two nights - I want my bed - any bed again! I am a hot, unhappy, hot flashing, camper! Stay tuned for updates

P.S. - Had to change the color, green wasn't working for me!

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