Monday, April 1, 2013

Pretty and She Paints..,

In moment of weakness some years back, I promised Alexa that we would re-do her room when she got to high school. The one thing my daughter NEVER forgets is a promise of any kind that results in a gift. Fast forward to this year, her 16th and sophomore, and she's called in the promise.

Going with the pink, black, and white with a touch if green color scheme, Alexa has started painting. She did all the caulking of the nail holes including the sanding. Then she taped around the molding and has been painting the molding yesterday and today (with a break to go out lunch at Chipoltle with her friends). The samples you see on the wall include the pink and green she wants to use. I'm staying out of the way and she's doing a great job so far.

As you can see the rest of us have to live around her! All her furniture, save her bed, has been moved into the bedroom landing and the living room. Alexa is spending her nights sleeping in my craft room. The dog has been tethered downstairs in the family room so there is no chance of her getting into Alexa's room and I'm in charge of getting a hold of an electrian to remove the ancient intercom in her room that is spoiling her esthetic.

I'll post the 'after' photos once our DivaVinci is done!

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