Monday, May 26, 2008

Ooops!! II - Mea Culpa!

I think I'd have 'Old Timers' if I hadn't been doing this all my life. Doing what you ask? Forgetting peoples names and faces. I am awful, terrible, mistaken, confused, befuddled and NOT amused!!

I haven't been able to remember names since I was a kid. High school wasn't that bad, college - who remembers? Jobs - that was a toughie. Not good to forget the boss's name or an important client. When I worked at Keuka it was still bad - but thank heaven, students are more forgiving and there was one of me and 900 of them!

My husband and I would run into someone on the street, in a store, at a restaurant and we'd have a lovely conversation with them for a few minutes and then say goodbye and walk away. Id lean over and whisper to my DH - "Have I met them before?" Norman would just shake his head and tell me when and where.

There are two lovely ladies that I have know for four years now. First, we took classes at Michael's together - they are friends of Debbie Shuh and today they crop at the store on Wednesday afternoons when they are in town. Both are named Susan, but one goes by Suzie and the other by Sue or Susan - do I know which one is which - NO!! (I'm so sorry ladies, I've admitted it publicly now, please forgive me.) They are so nice, they ask about Alexa every week and how things are going and I can't remember which is which!

The kicker came this week when I saw Marty at the store and she pulled me over and told me that I labeled her husband with the wrong name on my blog in the entry that included the store move pictures. She's telling me it's Kirk - I apologized profusely, I'm so sorry, I'll post a change - I'll change it - Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, I'm muttering to myself. Marty gently says, no, not Kurt - KIRK - finally the light bulb goes on - Kirk, like Captain Kirk - Yes! I've got it now!

So first, let me apologize to Kirk. I'm so sorry for the mistake and I'll change the post as soon as I post this. For everyone else out there who has spoken to me and gotten a totally blank or questioning look - please forgive me, it's not you it's definitely me, - what's her name...


Chiara said...

oh do not feel bad I do this quite often I am bad with names too.

Laura said...

Hey Donna-

that is how I finally remembered thet it was Kirk, not Kurt. Captain Kirk- lol.

And, I can honestly say that I remember you telling me a loong time ago that you have a hard time remembering names, so I can vouch for that.

Besides, Marty just thought it was hysterical, so don't feel bad :)

Tracy said...

oh Deanna, you always make me laugh!!

(get it?)

pineconegirl said...

Donna, you are too funny! Here I pulled you aside so you wouldn't have to admit it publicly and then you went and did it any way. Love you


Lynn said...

Wanna hear something ironic? I too had not seen the SITC series because we don't have HBO and believe it or not I used to try and catch a few episodes any time I was at a hotel for any reason. Is that why we're friends because we have so much in common?

Anyways, Meghan, her Buff State roommate and I went to see SITC and LOVED IT! Meghan and I cried practically throughout the entire movie (in between howls of laughter; esp at the pool when Samantha was talking about Miranda's "hair problem")...I think we cried the most when Charlotte got so protective of Carrie at the church and yelled at Big; Meghan thinks she IS Charlotte to boot; so she was nodding right along with her when she said she had thought of what to say to Big if she ever ran into him (talk about foreshadowing). Anyways I'd LOVE to see it catch the lines I missed the first time. Glad you enjoyed it too