Tuesday, May 13, 2008

China Memories

I've been thinking a lot about China over the past 48 hours because of the terrible earthquake they suffered on Monday. We have some very fond memories of China because it's where our daughter was born and in a million years we never thought we'd travel halfway around the world to find our family or have such a tangible link to China.

Norman has been lucky to have travelled back to China three times since our initial journey in 1998. The last time he was there was just a few month ago in March. He got to see one sight I've never seen and would love to, the Terra Cotta Army. In the photo above Norman is standing above the army in what looks like a vast airplane hanger. It gives you an idea of how large the find was.

This is outside the building that houses the army. I believe the story is that a farmer tilling his land found the army back in the sixties. It is a full size army of men and horses made out of terra cotta clay. Hundreds of soldiers and horses have been excavated and put on display. Each soldier is different They are also life size, not miniatures. They are not carbon copies of each other. The poses, facial expressions and clothing reflect individuals. Here you can some of the soldiers and horses.
Here is an attempt at a little more detail. Norman said that outside the exhibit the farmer that discovered the army sits and for a yuan or two will sign a book you can purchase that has photos and the story of the find. He has become quite the local celebrity.

Nothing prepares westerns for China. It is like no place we have ever seen or have here. We traveled very little in 1998. Just the cities of Hong Kong, Fuzhou and Guangzhou. The size of the country is amazing and the number of people is overwhelming. Even more than the tangible comparisons we make of today's world. The history of this land is even more astounding.

Our thoughts and prayers for the millions (yes, millions) affected by Monday's earthquake are with this nation that has given our family so much.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Donna,

I was thinking of you, Alexa, and Norm when I heard of the tragedy in China. Thank you for your post and reflections on your experience there. If I remember correctly, we first saw the terra cotta soldiers in the China pavillion movie at Epcot together so long ago.

Barb in NH