Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's been awhile...

I know I've said that before, but it has been a while since I posted. No disasters, calamities or trouble, just plain busy! Those of you who have been sneaking over from Buffalo Stamps & Stuff know we moved! Here are a few photos:

Here is the 'old' store with almost everything out. Next we have Kirk Larson and Norm Muir helping with some of the paper racks. We were lucky that many of the big items and displays in the center of the store could be rolled. So we rolled them right out the door, around the corner, down the plaza and into the 'new' store. The guys were a great help (not that they had much to say about it LOL) We just volunteered them and told them they HAD to be there and help.

I have to send out major kudos to Mark Klima, Sharon's husband. He did 98% of the work on this new store. He tore down walls, repaired carpet, put in new overhead lighting, built a big new counter, moved old counters and cabinets, put up all the new slat wall, tore out tile, and a million other chores. He definitely is in the running for "Husband of the Year" - not only with Sharon but with all of us who will benefit by the new store.

Sharon's mother-in-law came to help and after helping fix the food for all the helpers wiped down hundreds of little plastic shelves that fit into the slat board wall.She also entertained Marty's daughter Abby. Every once in a while I'd walk by and they would be talking up a blue streak!

The new store looks so big! Here is a view down the left side wall from the back of the store.

Now, a week after the move we're wondering how we fit everything in the old store! We still have a men's room that is stocked with 'stuff', about 10 boxes worth of product to put out, and a hundred and one little things to figure out where to go.

We did 'christen' the store this past weekend with a 12 hr. crop for National Scrapbook Day. We had about 15 ladies join Elizabeth and myself. We ran a bingo game, had hourly door prizes, Sharon made chicken caccitore(sp.) lots of snacks and a really nice time. I can't wait to go in tomorrow and see what more progress has been made since Saturday!

If you are in the area or just passing through, come visit! We are at 3314 Sheridan Drive between Sweet Home and Bailey, opposite Markheim Pets (next to the Hoover Store). Same plaza as before, just the opposite end!


Dimitra said...

Dear Donna,
Thanks for the chronicle.It's wonderful and now everyone knows how hard alot of people worked to make it possible.Mark is the Handy Man of the year and should be awarded the biggest "Screw" trophy. Love, Dimitra

Tracy said...

Oh, great. Now there's drool on my keyboard. The store looks amazing!