Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Layouts

Bear with me, I'm still trying to get the hang of scanning and stitching. I hope I've gotten it right and my layouts down to size. These layouts are two I'm doing for the store. They are my first shot at teaching a class. Both are very, very simple and easy. Both can be used with vintage pictures or heritage shots.
I created the one above on my last Sweatshoppe retreat back in March. It's my favorite picture of my dad. He signed on with several of his golfing buddies as extras for a movie being shot in Wilmington, NC. The movie was an early Coen brothers piece called "The Hudsucker Proxy" - a cute, quirky film about the invention of the hula hoop (not a true story). It starred Paul Newman, Tim Robbins, Charles Durning and Jennifer Jason Leigh. My dad was an extra in the mail room scene and although we never quite saw his full face, I swear I saw his nose!
This is my mother's high school graduation photo. I just love this picture! I apologize for the lousy scanning and stitching job, still working on it, but I put this together at the store one Friday night during the crop.

Both layouts for the store are designed to be used with a single 5X7 photo. There are a few slight variations on each and a sample is on display in the store. Check them out if you are interested.


Lynn said...

Your mother was GORGEOUS! I love both lo's....but get this one. I was reading your posting and for some reason I thought I had clicked on Debbie Shuh's blog; so I'm reading the info about your father being an extra in that Hudsucker film, and my demented mind is thinking "OMG, DONNA's father was in that movie too!" Then my mind shimmied back into this galaxy and I realized that I was reading YOUR blog, (DUH) not Debbie's...what a blonde I can be. Anyways, I love both layouts and now I'm jealous that you know how to scan and stitch cuz I don't!. I also need to get lessons on Photoshop Elements cuz I got that as my Mommy's Day gift from Dan and don't have a clue what to do!

Kelli ~ said...

I've seen the Hudsucker Proxy 3 times and I must have seen you dad's nose! (I'm a big Coen brothers/Tim Robbins fan). Great way for you to preseve that memory. Your layouts are looking good - keep 'em coming for the store!