Friday, May 16, 2008

Star of the Week...

Getting ready to bug out to Alexa school where she is 'Star of the Week' in her homebase. She had to do a poster board presentation of herself for Monday (above) and last night she was busy creating a power point presentation, complete with music (Hannah Montana, of course) We get to go (at not be too visable) and bring cupcakes and juice boxes and see her presentation this morning. I'll try and take pictures and post later today.

Well, as always there were a few glitches. First, Alexa forgot she had a music lesson and apparently, according to her teacher, "Music is God in this school!" So the time had to be moved up and cut in half because she could only be 10 minutes late for music. Above Alexa is reading her 'biography' while two classmates hold up her presentation boards. As you can see the background is pink, the letters are pink glitter and she had me mat all the photos in various colors of glitter paper. Remarkably, we got credit as being her parents and where we both worked was mentioned also.

After she read her script she pointed out all the photos and what she was doing and who is in each photo, etc. She also brought a few things from home for a 'show and tell' portion but unfortunately the mini snowglobe she brought from DisneyWorld broke. You can see the water stain spreading in the bag she is holding below.

Classmates got to ask questions afterward and she was asked what she did in gymnastics, what was her favorite site in NYC (Statue of Liberty and Americal Girl Store). We were asked what trait Alexa had that we thought was special. Her father answered and mentioned that how mad at us she gets, she never holds a grudge.

Lastly, a number of the boys and Mrs. Sedor commented on Norm's Yankee jacket. We were asked if we were Yankee fans and supported in our YES comment. I was able to tell the story of how Alexa was barely in the country for a little over a month before she attended her first Yankee game and we were able to get 'Welcome Alexa Muir and Family' up on the Diamond Vision message board. This impressed several people.

Cupcakes and juice boxes were handed out and Alexa had to hustle butt to the music room and we left to go on our merry ways. Thus ends, Alexa Muir, Star of the Week!


Lynn said...

Great job by all! Looks like Alexa does everything full board 100% like her mother???????? Too bad about the Disney water globe though; how did she handle that?
see you soon.

JessW said...

Love the creativity! Love the bling, too! It looks as though Alexa has picked up on your craftiness - who can blame her?!
Glad everyone is doing well!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day for Alexa and her proud parents! I still have the poster Laura made when she was student of the week when she was in first grade. Now, she's working on her slide presentation she's doing at her high school graduation as class historian. Special times we're privileged to enjoy with our kids...

Barb in NH